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clap your hands tonight; hear what the silence screams;
(info) Cast of Characters 
1st-Nov-2008 07:41 am
ARASHI: passion engulfed in flame

  • Giselle (Last name to be determined) - Around 16-18 years old. She is a rare hybrid of demon and angel heritage. Separated from her twin at birth, she was raised by a wealthy businessman(?)/politician(?) and grew up with a rather comfortable life. She has a strong sense of justice and tends to wear her heart on a sleeve. -Before the time skip, she was cheerful and optimistic and has an inherent curiousity which often leads her to trouble before becoming withdrawn and more serious.- Giselle shares the greater part of the Core along with her older twin brother.
    Appearance: Wavy copper hair that frames her shoulders and dark blue eyes.

  • Trace O’Reilly - Appears twenty-two years old but is actually much older than that. He bears the burden of a curse that gives him vampire-like characteristics which he believes only Giselle can lift. He’s rather quiet and doesn’t speak often. Cares deeply for Giselle even if he often disagrees with whatever she says.


  • Rosalie Malveaux

  • Christopher Farrows


  • Allegra Auclair

  • Ceros Calleri


  • Lucien Vonnegut

  • Mr. Thimbles

* more to follow eventually
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