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clap your hands tonight; hear what the silence screams;
5th-Nov-2008 11:48 pm - (Chapter 02) The Last Inheritance
ARASHI: passion engulfed in flame
"That's freakin' ridiculous!" Giselle replied rather indignantly trying to mask the sudden tinge of fear that gripped her and like a sudden breaking dam, everything came rushing back in a flash. The accident! No way could she have survived that. She could distinctly remember her headlong collision with the vehicle and the sickening crunch of her bones breaking as it made contact with the metal. Her bruised skin and stained outfit said as much. Unwillingly, Giselle started to believe the man's words.

"Please, you must let me explain." The man urged.

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♰. Word Count: 2,342 | Novel Index
4th-Nov-2008 12:26 pm - (Chapter 01) The Unhappy Deathday
LELOUCH: we're in a stalemate
Giselle was born on the first day of April and she hated that. As far as she was concerned, April first usually signified the worst day of the year and therefore, the worst days of her life. At the age of five, a snotted-face boy decided to throw her a live lizard as an April Fools prank. She started disliking those critters ever since. The day she turned twelve, she came down with severe rashes. It turned out she was allergic to the prawn tempura she had for dinner the previous evening and she ended up with a swelled face for days. Perhaps the most unfortunate (and possibly a life changing event) that happened on her birthday was six years after the tempura incident.

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1st-Nov-2008 01:01 pm - (prologue)
ARASHI: passion engulfed in flame
The thatched dilapidated cottage that leaned wearily by the clearing at the center of the vast woody expanse was filled with palapable tension. Inside, five moving figures could be found. The first noticable one was a tall and handsome, dark-haired man with such a stature that he’s easily recognizable as someone who held power. His striking golden eyes gazed sharply at the door before him and with folded arms, his stance never once wavered. Next to him was his most trusted right-hand man, Lucien. Though also standing firm and motionless his worried eyes and creased forehead reflected the emotions he was trying to hide. His eyes flicked back and forth between his lord and the closed door that led to the only room in the house where the other occupants were. Every now and then, he would distractedly run a leather-gloved hand halfway across his blond hair and withdraw it suddenly as if he was not sure of his actions.

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1st-Nov-2008 08:03 am - (index) The Laundry Conspiracy
KUROYANAGI: he approves
Coming soon.

♰; Prologue
♰; Chapter One - The Unhappy Deathday
♰; Chapter Two - The Last Inheritance

Cast of Characters | Settings and Concept Ideas

♰; Cups of Coffee: 6
♰; Death Toll: 2
♰; Number of times I wanted to erase the whole thing and start all over: 25
1st-Nov-2008 07:41 am - (info) Cast of Characters
ARASHI: passion engulfed in flame
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* more to follow eventually
1st-Nov-2008 06:04 am - (info) Setting and Story Concepts
ARASHI: passion engulfed in flame
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